Published on: 2020-10-10

KeePass2: Working with multiple and shared databases

An underrated feature of KeePass2 is its trigger system. It allows a lot of custom behaviour. Let's use it to make working with multiple kdbx files enjoyable!

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Published on: 2020-09-18

Quick toggle your GTK theme between light and dark

Want to use both, dark and light theme, but need a simple way to toggle between them? Search no more.

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Published on: 2020-08-18

JWT with Django REST framework

Django REST framework already provides an easy way to issue JSON Web Tokens. But what if you only want to validate tokens issued by another server?

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Published on: 2020-02-11

Post-production with ffmpeg

ffmpeg may not be very intuitive to use – but it can remove a lot of repetitive work when using it in bash scripts. I'll show you how I automated syncing two videos, combining them, and adding an intro and outro to the result. Audacity, mpv and sox are also part of the toolchain.

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