Published on: 2021-09-06

Share your ultra wide screen without being hated

"I can't read that", "Could you zoom in a bit?" – sharing your entire ultra wide screen with more than 3000 pixels across is a burden for your colleagues who watch on a full HD display. Make their and your life easier by sharing just a section of your screen.

If you are using good ol' XServer, xrandr can be used to add new "monitors". These monitors do not need to extend your screen, but instead can be overlaid over your existing screen.

Size of display: x

Virtual screen sizes:
  • x
  • x

function add_vscreens {
    xrandr --setmonitor 0_2560_1440 2560/2560x1440/0+880+0 none
    xrandr --setmonitor 1_1920_1080 1920/1920x1080/0+1520+360 none

If you want to, you can remove the virtual screens again:

function del_vscreens {
    xrandr --delmonitor 0_2560_1440
    xrandr --delmonitor 1_1920_1080

You can add those lines to your ~/.zshrc and add the screens by running add_vscreens. Keep in mind that xrandr changes are temporary. To persist the change, I recommend you to add the command zsh -c ". ~/.zshrc; add_vscreens" to the "startup applications" of your desktop environment.

In your video conference software you can now select between the multiple screens. To make choosing the right screen easier, feel free to use this desktop background: (original by James Wheeler)

Choose another background (not all sites allow downloading images, though):

Here is how the result looks like in Jitsi Meet with Chrome:

Screenshot of Jitsi Meet